TARGET GROUP: Arts, craft and social care practitioners

PARTNERS:  Lead partner – the University of Helsinki (Department of Teacher Education). Partner organisations – UniT, Austria and UTARTU, Estonia.

GEOGRAPHICAL REACH: UK (South West) and Europe


PROJECT MANAGER: Tracy Hill: [email protected]


A collaborative learning opportunity in craft and welfare interfaces, which aims to provide professional development opportunities and resources in arts and social care.

The project centres round the co-design of educational models to enable artists, educators and craft professionals to work with different target groups in Social & Health Care. The main aims of the project are to:

  • Share and expand professional competences and internationalization of art & craft professionals to work within the social care sector
  • Create novel educational models to enable cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Develop creative wellbeing services (in particular crafts and visual arts)
  • Exchange good practices which encourage and promote collaboration within mainstream services
  • Evaluate the impacts and effectiveness of creative wellbeing services

Superact will begin by working with educations establishments, care homes, artists and craft professionals across the South West of England to create a virtual creative lab. The team will visit and listen to the opinions of individuals in care settings about how creativity can best be designed for older people. Their hopes and ideas will then be used to inform the lab and the project as it moves forward.