Stu Packer

[email protected]

Project Manager | Story [telling] Coach | Storyteller | Actor


Resident Storyteller and Actor, Stu tells tales to “entertain, educate and enchant”. Drawing on over 25 years of performance where he first learnt about ‘Being Present’, Stu not only dares to share his Personal Stories from his heart, he feels it is a real privilege to be present when others share theirs.

Stu states, “When Story is shared it stirs something deep within us; whether we are conscious of this, it matters not. The fact is, we continue to gather together, to share food and stories, to connect and reconnect us to the human condition, to our nature, Sharing stories is in our nature; sharing our stories is creative, cathartic and connecting.”

Stu is also one of Superact’s Project Managers. In conjunction with his Story Coaching skills he has delved deep into the world of Applied Storytelling. He says, “There is as much wisdom in our Personal Stories as there is in Ancient Stories.”