Janine Stedman

[email protected]

Project Manager – Handcrafts

Janine Stedman is a Project Manager for Superact.
She has worked in the UK education and social services sectors for over thirty years.  Janine believes in life-long learning and that people should have the opportunity to enjoy meaningful activities of their own choosing.

In her former lead activities role in a Somerset care home Janine worked on the premise that emotional and physical wellbeing were inextricably linked. This led her to rethink the activities programme, encouraging all staff to get involved. Family members were invited in and a dynamic Friends Group was created. This inclusive approach harnessed previously unknown skills in colleagues and fostered a sense of belonging. The concept of ‘home’ meant so much more.

Janine now works independently in the South West, running sessions in care settings and memory clinics, training staff and supporting families living with dementia. She is a member of the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance.

Janine adopts a person-centred approach starting with conversations about an individual’s life history. This leads to the key question, “What would you like to do now?”  She has seen how artistic activities in care settings enhance self-esteem and identity.

Janine is committed to her role as Handmade Wellbeing Project Leader and has been mentoring and supporting Trainee Artists as they learn how to plan and adapt sessions in a variety of care settings.