Target Group: Adult  learners

Geographical Reach: Europe wide

Project Duration: 2010 – 2012

Project Funder: Grundtvig

Project Manager: Ali Smith ali@superact.org.uk 

Project Aim

The objective of this initiative was to train adult learners through the artistic experience and consider ways to add value to theatre-based training, a crucial tool in aiding self-development. Thanks to the theatre workshops organized by the project team, participants were free to construct a personal reality for themselves inside the theatre setting. The project worked off the idea that theatre can be used as an enabling tool, giving individuals opportunities to gain knowledge and discover themselves in a challenging setting.

Alongside this, the project also aimed to bring organizations with experience in theatre based interventions together to exchange ideas, experiences and techniques. By doing so, the project enabled partners from across Europe to develop a new system of training for the facilitators of theatre based arts programmes, for implementation in both the social and educational spheres.

The overall aims of the project were to-

  • Common definition of non-formal and informal skills for enterprises
  • Collection and analysis of experiences carried out at a national level in the Partners Countries related to social theatre
  • Analysis of the results of such experiences and opportunities and obstacles in them Creation and dissemination of a collection of best practices
  • Study, experimentation and exchange of methodologies related to social theatre between the partners of the project network, analysis, exchange of results and re-elaboration of the common project;
  • Making aware of the use of social intervention strategies related to social theatre, through the implementation of products and materials for the dissemination of the project;
  • Dissemination of the project activities