Target Group: Single parents

Geographical Reach: Europe wide

Project Duration: 2012 – 2014

Project Funder: Grundtvig

Project Manager: Tracy Hill

Project Aim

Supporting Single Parents (SUSIPE) was a Grundtvig partnership project formed under the Lifelong Learning Programme that completed in Spring 2014.

Superact was one of seven partners working on the initiative, the others being from Germany, Sweden, Spain, French Guyana and Scotland.

The project Strong Mothers aimed to support professionals in adult education working with single parents. The main intent was to share knowledge and experience on approaches, projects, methods and network structures that support single parents in Europe.


The partners shared best practice examples and designed an online handbook on their work with single parents, which contained both a wish-list and a breakdown of shortcomings in their respective countries. This handbook will then be distributed among adult education providers, VET (Vocational Educational and Training) institutions, adult education associations and local and regional authorities to promote support structures for single parents.

The partners were TTG Team training (Germany), Initial e.V (Germany), One parent families (Scotland), Fundacion de Familias Monoparentales, Isadora Duncan (Spain), Arbetets Museum and Norrkoping Stadsmuseet (Sweden), BGE Avtivite Conseil-Boutique de Gestion (French Guyane) and Superact (England).

Superact is part of a vibrant network of organisations under the umbrella of the diverse European partnership programs, thereby contributing towards cultural diversity in the South West and beyond, opening its vision and field of action to a wider, European dimension.

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