Target Group: Young people not in education, employment or training

Geographical Reach: Europe wide

Project Duration: 2012 – 2014

Project Funder: Comenius Lifelong Learning Programme

Project Manager: Patsy Lang patsy@superact.org.uk

Project Aim

Rapport: Preventing early school leaving – encouraging second chance education and apprenticeship guidance”. 

Superact, as part of a consortium of European partner organisations, has developed a number of videos to be used by teachers, trainers, PRUs’ and Youth Workers to encourage young people to either complete their schooling, make their way back into education or, as part of career advice, look into the possibility of apprenticeship.


On the project’s website (www.rapport-llp.eu) there are 80 films from 8 different countries.

Superact works primarily with Young people at risk and those that the UK identifies as NEETS, (Not in Education, Employment or Training). We have been engaging with these types of organisations on the Rapport project.

Recently Superact has been testing out Rapport videos with young adults, carers, parents  and teachers. Our first Testing session was with a group of Peer Mentors trained by locally by Probation. They were most excited about the Apprentice videos. They felt they offered a positive look forward to new possibilities, rather than hearing about negative situations.

The second testing session was with a local college. They too felt that the most useful would be the Apprentice videos as it set a positive example of job possibilities. The third was with parents and students at IMALYA, a refugee centre, and had much the same results.

Superact held 2 dissemination events, one as a presentation to a mixed group of potential users, and the other to staff meetings at the YMCA Job Club and to a Secure unit for 12-17 year olds.

Our dissemination event was held at a community centre presenting to carers, employability, youth and probation workers. We had most positive responses from Second Chance and Apprentice videos as they demonstrated a route through the chaos of client’s lives into education/training and/or employment. Staff meetings at the YMCA and Atkinson Secure Unit worked really well as the staff members could immediately see the use of a particular video with a particular client or type of client. In discussions with a smaller group we were more easily able to point out how the videos might be used.

As part of the project Superact has produced a DVD containing all of the UK videos which is available from Superact upon request.


Project Partners

Ente per la Ricerca e la Formazione E.RI.FO (Italy) – coordinators

Mayo Education Centre (Ireland) Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza CECE (Spain)

Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy IPED (Poland)

Associazione seed (Switzerland)

Horváth & Dubecz (Hungary)

Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete (Greece)

Superact (UK)