Target Group: Young people and communities

Geographical Reach: UK

Project Duration: 2013 – 2015

Project Funder: Department of Communities and Local Government and Creative Scotland

Project Manager: Katharine Lane katharine@superact.org.uk

Project Aim

Superact is currently delivering six Our Big Gig EXTRA programmes in Birmingham, Ealing, Tower Hamlets, Luton, Bradford and East Lothian.

As part of the programme we have been recruiting and training volunteers in areas such as fundraising, marketing, volunteer management and leading community music. The aim is to build an ongoing programme of music making opportunities for people in Birmingham, Tower Hamlets, Ealing, Luton, Bradford and East Lothian.

With support from the Department for Communities and Local Government and Creative Scotland, individuals receive valuable training and the team will given a budget to support initial development of events aiming to bring communities together through shared music opportunities.

Our Big Gig EXTRA builds on the success of Superact’s nationwide festival Our Big Gig which brings people from all backgrounds together through music each July.


  • 100% of ambassadors met new people through the programme.
  • 75% of ambassadors said that Our Big Gig had helped them to meet other people in their community that they would not meet otherwise and 66% said that they met people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • 58% of ambassadors said they had made new friends in their community through their involvement in the programme.
    Ambassadors have each given an average of 42 hours throughout the programmes so far.
  • 20% of those involved had never volunteered before.
  • 60% of ambassadors said they were now more likely to volunteer again in the future having been involved in the programme.
  • 75% of ambassadors said they would now like to seek paid work in the areas of event management, community music, volunteer management, or community project management.
  • 83% of ambassadors said they would like to continue to work together as a team once the programme has finished.
  • 75% of ambassadors felt that the programme had encouraged people in the community to learn a new musical instrument
  • 75% of ambassadors also felt that the programme had created a place where people from different cultural backgrounds can come together.
  • 68% of ambassadors felt that as a result of the programme the community are now more supportive of community music events.

Quotes from Ambassadors
“Absolutely loved the experience – life-changing, as a student in Birmingham I’ve been able to connect with the community which is really invaluable and appreciated as it’s hard to break out of the student bubble. I now feel a member of the community myself – THANK YOU!!”
“I’ve gained more confidence in putting forward my ideas; more skills in delivering music workshops”.
“I’ve gained experience in working on a big music event, for a charity and having influence over how it will happen and what it will look like. The best thing is that we could decide and then implement our ideas as a team with the encouragement and help of an expert”.
“I’ve learned how to research an area and find local resources as I have been used to working in my own neighbourhood where I know the locality well”.

You can read more about Superact’s 2015 Our Big Gig EXTRA project HERE