Target Group: Offenders

Geographical Reach: Canterbury

Project Duration: 2010 – 2011

Project Funder: Canterbury Prison

Project Manager: Patsy Lang

Project Aim

From 2010- 2011 Superact was offered the exciting opportunity to provide two musicians in residence at Canterbury Prison. These musicians delivered weekly sessions, looking at a variety of musical skills and genres, developing skills of participants who are working towards their SEPE Award. The sessions attracted prisoners from a range of backgrounds, and the use of music led to the creation of an exciting dynamic between the participants.


Phil Holmes, Superact artist summed up the event after delivering his first session at Canterbury Prison:

“For many prisoners this is the last stop before they are deported and this transitional situation gives the prisoners the opportunity to plan for a new positive outlook for the future when they are released; a sort of positive send off. The mixture of races and nationalities gives the prison an exciting dynamic. This became apparent, to our advantage when the group was engaged in the music. It truly felt like an inter-cultural dialogue between many areas of the world. The participants accommodated all sorts of different musical genres with a seemingly equal zeal and enthusiasm and were very supportive of one another. The participation from the officers was a very positive and exciting step. We achieved real unity through the power of music.”