musicandmemoriesSuperact are working in partnership with Reminiscence Learning who have successfully gained a grant from NHS Bristol to provide peer support for people with dementia and their carers and will be running a free of charge monthly session, at the Malcolm X Centre in Bristol, linking people with dementia and their carers with professional musicians.

Sessions run regularly each consisting of a one hour performance by a professional musician provided by Superact. During the performance, everyone will be encouraged to use a range of percussion and props such as drums, bells, feathers and silks, to dance individually or in small groups or simply to listen.

At the end of the hour of music there will be a break for refreshments and tasters relating to specific countries. During this break staff and carers will be encouraged to record memories that have been triggered by the session. These along with a series of photographs taken will be displayed on a board for future discussion and visual pleasure before the group meet again.

Music & Memories Quotes

“Such a lovely atmosphere, it takes me back to the Caribbean – I miss that kind of life – Happy memories” Carmen Hibbert

“Made me think about being a girl again – father violinist, grandmother – music teacher, auntie – played guitar, I like dancing music, makes my heart feel good” Celia Jarrett

“It lifts my spirits and reminded me of my childhood” Celia Jarrett

“It was just lovely, we are going to start our own garden and grow pumpkins and create our own Kora” Dawn Wilkins

“I felt it was really lovely, the way Mamadou played was calming and linked us all together. I feel lovely and relaxed.” Judith Wainwright

“Very enjoyable, music very good. Not heard music like this before. Enjoyed dancing together as we do this in the kitchen at home. Never heard or seen instruments like these.” Celia and Maurice Prewett