Target Group: Young People

Geographical Reach: Somerset

Project Duration: 2008 – 2009

Project Funder: DCMS & Somerset County Council

Project Manager: Ali Smith ali@superact.org.uk

Project Aim

JUMPS or Joined up Music for People in Somerset was a brokerage set up to bring all the organisations delivering music in Somerset together, to enable better networking and easier access for music events, workshops, tuition and instruments etc. was launched in 2006. The project was set-up with funding from DCMS as part of their ‘Invest to Save’ programme.

The core aims of the JUMPS project were to:

  1. Set up an instrument to develop collaboration in the music organizations around Somerset
  2. Make an impact on the provision of music for young people in Somerset
  3. Create a range of initiatives
  4. Provide a coordinated approach to music delivery
  5. Develop a sustainable model
  6. Examine any successes or challenges
  7. Examine any unexpected outcomes to having JUMPS.


Under Invest to Save, the initiative seeks models of lesson learning from collaborative initiatives and good practice, which may be rolled out to mainstream delivery structures.  It was not itself about large scale delivery, but rather about the setting up of collaboration between various music organisations mainly for young people in Somerset, to enable more cohesive provision for young people.

An external evaluation for the project was carried out by Exeter University.

Downloads: Jumps evaluation report