IMAEFE partners learn new methods in adult education in Rome with CIAPE

Innovative Methods of Adult Education for the Future of Europe

Project Innovative methods of adult education for the future of Europe arose from the need to respond, through adult education, to the challenges which the European Union is currently facing, particularly in the context of the migration crisis and society’s reaction to it.

Social change

The partners are experienced in working with adults in Poland, Spain, UK and Italy and want to share our best techniques and methods of working in order to find ways of integrating marginalized groups to society and influencing public opinion, helping it to focus on important values, such as openness and respect for others.

Good practice

This project is the first step, and the results we produce will be then put into practice. The intended results are learning programmes, implementation plans and future projects working directly with target groups using new techniques and methods.

Project Background

Target Group
Adult learners
Geographical Reach
Project Funder
Erasmus Plus
CIAPE make a presentation in Rome on their work with migrant communities

Project Partners

Project Contact

Kirsty Winnan, Project Manager