Target Group: Young people

Geographical Reach: South west England

Project Duration: 2012 – 2013

Project Funder: Paul Hamlyn & Voluntary Arts England

Project Manager: Tracy Hill tracy@superact.org.uk

Project Aim

Hand on Crafts was a national pilot project that ran between autumn 2012 and spring 2013. It was funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and managed by Voluntary Arts England. Hand on Crafts was a cross generational initiative that sought to explore young people’s perceptions of craft and link them up with existing crafts practitioners. The project involved leading crafts practitioners and volunteers, offering practical crafts workshops to young people aged 18 to 25.


Superact coordinated workshops for this project across Somerset and Devon. We involved practitioners with numerous areas of expertise in the crafts field, including spinning, weaving, natural dyeing, basket making, willow weaving, felt making and paper making. The young people who got involved developed new skills and helped contribute their ideas to how crafts practitioners can reach out to a wider audience through the internet and social media.

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