The City Lights Orchestra performed in Marseille for the Future DiverCities European Launch

Future DiverCities Creativity in urban context

Future DiverCities acts as an incubator for cultural innovation and new practices in creativity by stimulating risk taking through the creation of artworks in challenging urban environment.
Future DiverCities is a holistic programme looking at positive changes through arts and creative work in urban context.

to incubate arts work in the 3.0 city, where citizens are co-creators and the artist at the centre of the value chain.
to promote the role of the artist in the transforming urban social ecosystem, as an actor of positive social change contributing to social and cultural capital.

Societies are constantly changing and evolving, seeking new models for co-living, identity building, place shaping and sharing with other societies. The city is rapidly becoming a complex and culturally diverse mix of interconnected communities. The artist no longer works as a single genius but faces the challenge of finding creative solutions within our complex urban environments. There is an opportunity to be at the forefront and bring citizens into the heart of the artistic process.
The city is the experimental zone for creative economies, social change and cultural innovation and are the best places for the emergence of artists.

At its core, Future DiverCities will explore the future sustainability of art and creativity within cities and urban spaces of Europe and beyond. We will engage the rich diversity of our citizens and changing communities whilst bringing together a European network of creators who will encourage creativity and innovation, and explore digital distribution of creative works.

What we do:

  • A series of labs incubating participative arts work in urban context
  • Innovative digital tools to look at urban environment through creative processes
  • Research on new cooperative models for digital musical distribution in Europe challenging the traditionnal value chain and promoting a fair remuneration of the artists.
  • A solid training programme on community engagement for artists as social agents
  • A curatorial research looking supporting project’s cycles: Future DiverCitizens, Future DiverSocieties, Future DiverStructures, Future DiverSystems.
  • A series of conferences and professionals debates.