Superact collaborates with the Fresh Arts progamme at North Bristol NHS Trust to bring music in to Southmead and Cossham hospitals on a monthly basis. Musicians perform for two days of every month in public spaces and on the wards, bringing music to the bedside of the most vulnerable patients as well as staff and visitors alike. The musicians we provide span a dynamic range of instruments and genres, including folk, soul, vintage swing, harp, kora and more.

There have been many positive and heartfelt responses to the programme that demonstrate the power and influence of music and the arts within a healthcare setting. Listeners have been moved to conversation, laughter, tears and, often, to dance!

Superact is delighted to be working with Fresh Arts on this extremely worthwhile and beneficial programme, and to be responsible for the music provision at the annual Fresh Arts festival which sees Southmead hospital light up with vibrant arts of all description including craft, dance, visual mediums, guerrilla textiles and much more. We are also collaborating on a series of training events at the hospital to widen the pool of experienced musicians in the field.