Day by Day artists Colin, Robin and Eric planning the project

TARGET GROUP: Guinness Partnership Social Care & Extra Care Residents

PARTNER: Baring Foundation & Healing Arts


PROJECT FUNDER: Baring Foundation

PROJECT MANAGER: Ursula Billington –


Supported by the Baring Foundation and in partnership with Healing Arts, the arts programme of St. Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight, Day by Day, With Each Passing Moment will feature the art and poetry of two older artists. The visual images of renowned artist Eric Geddes and lines of verse by poet Robin Ford will be used to create digital panels that will be installed in healthcare settings to help orientate those living with confusion or dementia.

Visual artist Eric Geddes has enjoyed a career spanning over 30 years and is now living with dementia. His sculpture and photographic art was predominantly inspired by the shoreline of the Isle of Wight, using natural materials and flotsam such as seaweed, stones, clay, driftwood and metal. In this project his images will represent a specific hour of the day or night, portraying associated activities such as dawn, breakfast, sleep, home or garden occupations. The image will also link to the appropriate season, relating to current weather, landscape, festivals, celebrations or seasonal events.

The poet Robin Ford is 72 years old and a volunteer for Age UK’s Good Neighbour scheme, regularly home visiting for housebound elderly individuals. His poems will be presented at the rate of 2 lines an hour, to enhance the images and with their combination to stimulate memory, promote orientation, help to maintain links with normal, everyday lives outside of the care setting and encourage communication between patients and healthcare staff. The installation will also provide an element of beauty within a typically clinical, impersonal environment.

Day by Day… is currently in phase 1 of its life, with works being created and put together, photographs taken and installation built. Superact and Healing Arts are extremely excited to roll out this pioneering project early next year, with the possibilities of an accompanying film and tour of the installation.