crafts block

Target Group: Young people

Geographical Reach: South West England

Project Duration: 2013 – 2014

Project Funder: Ernest Cook Trust and Heathcoat Trust

Project Manager: Tracy Hill

Project Aim

This project engaged both teachers and children showing them how traditional skills such as textile weaving, felt making, natural dyeing  and willow weaving are relevant in a modern context. It demonstrated how they can be used to support delivery of the modern mainstream curriculum in areas such as Maths, History and Geography.


“The children that were doing this were children who very often struggle and we enjoyed watching them feel that they could do something new and do it well. The session linked well with maths and we talked to the children afterwards about how people use the skills of weaving for more than just arts and craft. We also reminded them of the maths skills that they were using throughout the day. The children were definitely engaged and on task for the majority of the time and I felt that the timing of the day worked well. This was not a group that could have been rushed and they managed to produce some weaving at the end of the day that they were all very proud of and felt that they had produced completely independently. I asked the children the next day how they felt the day went and the response was very positive. There were 2 groups of boys who we felt worked really well and the team work element involved really was an added positive to the day. I would definitely consider using this again as part of a maths lesson.”

Huish Primary School