Target Group: Young people aged 14-16

Geographical Reach: Wellington, Somerset

Project Duration: 2007

Project Funder: Wellington School & Superact

Project Manager: Ali Smith

Project Aim

The aim of the project was to give young people the opportunity to work with a range of professional musicians to produce a charity CD.  This CD was then sold by them and profits were used to organise a tour of homes for the elderly around Somerset, sharing Club 13’s work with members of the wider community. The group worked with a multitude of pro world and rock musicians, such as Spanish Flamenco dancers, Carambita and award winning folk artists such as Faustus.


Thirty-seven 14-16 year olds from Wellington School took part in the Club 13 project in 2007. The CD featured various musical styles ranging from flamenco and folk to straight up rock and even trance. All the profits went to give elderly people in Wellington the enjoyment of live music courtesy of musicians from Live Music Now South West and Superact.

Impact on the young people

Many of the young people involved had not be involved in music activities outside of school and this was the first time they had worked together to record a professional CD. The project allowed the young people to meet new members of their community in local residential homes and taught the young people entrepreneurial skills around CD distribution.

More info

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