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Target Group: Older people with dementia and adults with special needs

Geographical Reach: Europe wide

Project Duration: 2013 – 2015

Project Funder: Interreg 2 Seas Programme

Project Manager: Tracy Hill tracy@superact.org.uk

Project Aim

The ACDC cluster aims to reduce social isolation through creative engagement; helping socially isolated people enhance both their participation in and contribution to society.

ACDC, short for “Arts, Crafts and Dignity in Care” capitalises on the learning of two Interreg cross border learning projects called IC Music and Dignity in Care.

Superact have been working with partners from across Europe to share best practise on how to use the arts to help alleviate social isolation, showing a different way of working with people by communicating through music.Commonalities in partners’ beneficiaries mean that partners can adopt the methods and thus look to reduce dependency and social isolation for the people they work with.


Partners have also been working with a centre in Belgium called  the sTimul experience, who have devised a unique way to let care givers experience what it is like to be a care receiver by putting them, for a short period of time, in their shoes using reflections on the experience to better understand them. The project has shown that after this experience care givers change their way of working making better contact with the care receivers and take better care of their needs relieving loneliness and social isolation.

Project Partners

ZorgSaam Zeeuws Vlaanderen, Nl – Lead partner

Stimul, Belgium

Partners in Care – Dorset

La Cave aux Poetes – France




Social Media 

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