What is Our Big Gig?

Our Big Gig is a community music celebration which will take place across the UK from the 11th -13 July 2014.

Presented by Superact, this annual event – which was formerly known as the Bandstand Marathon - brings communities together to improve community cohesion and inspire more people to take part in music making opportunities in their local area.

All Our Big Gig events are organised by local volunteers that can come from a wide range of community groups, organisations and associations.

Superact is looking for 150 event organisers to run events across England. All successful applicants are given a £400 grant, support from Superact’s Project Managers and event management training.

Event Criteria

Applicants can apply to put on a new community event or an established event scheduled for a date between the 11th and 13th July.

Superact can only provide funding to community organisations with a bank account; we do not accept applications from individuals or sole traders.

All events need to be:

- at least four hours long

- free to attend

- present opportunities for people to participate in a range of musical activities.

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on 4th April 2014.

Currently funding is only available to community groups in England. Further news on funding for events in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is due in April 2014

Our Big Gig - An Olympic Legacy Project... "Inspired by 2012"

Our Big Gig is an Olympic Legacy project funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government to support events in England.

Organised by local volunteers with assistance from Superact, the events are part of the government’s Olympics legacy commitment to reconnect communities and ensure the benefits of the Games are spread across the country long after the sporting events ended.

What makes Our Big Gig special?

All Our Big Gig events take place across one weekend in July – creating a unified sense of nationwide, community celebration. This year Our Big Gig coincides with the World Cup Final so what better opportunity to get your community together to celebrate music and sport!

Our Big Gig presents community organisations with a fantastic opportunity to hold a musical celebration in local villages, towns and cities, bringing diverse members of the community together and provide a platform to showcase positive community achievements.

Events are eclectic and will see all kinds of music played at a real mix of venues, including parks, community centres, schools, faith centres, bandstands, sports clubs and community run pubs.

Our Big Gig events will all have some element of participation, inspiring attendees to actively engage with music-making and learn more about the music scene in their local area.

Superact hope that Our Big Gig will also rejuvenate underused public performance spaces such as bandstands and town centres, giving them new relevance and drawing attention to the importance of local performance opportunities for all members of the community.

Who are the organisers of Our Big Gig?

Our Big Gig is developed, delivered and managed by Superact.

Superact is not-for-profit organisation that uses music and the arts to develop social impact projects.

Working specifically in the areas of community development, justice and health and wellbeing, Superact's projects are particpatory and work to improve lives through creativity.

Formed in 2006, Superact works across the UK, Europe and beyond and has a proven track record of delivery. For more info visit the Superact website.

Why take part in Our Big Gig?

To apply for funding, you must be affiliated to a community organisation or group. The deadline for applying to be a "Community Event Organiser" (CEO) is 31st March 2014. If successful, Superact will provide the following package of support to help CEOs run their events.

  • A budget of £400 (only available to community groups in England)
  • A place at a regional training event – providing guidance on how to run a safe, exciting and participatory Our Big Gig event
  • Publicity materials, including two large vinyl Our Big Gig banners and electronic poster and flyer templates
  • Advice and guidance from Superact’s team of Regional Project Managers
  • A Community Event Organiser’s Toolkit outlining all the key points covered in the training.

Superact will also signpost artists and musicians looking to perform at events and can support a number of events wishing to be part of Our Big Gig who are not in need of financial support but wish to be part of the national, weekend celebration.

Who can apply to be part of Our Big Gig?

Funding is currently available to support 150 events across England. We are accepting applications up to 4th April 2014.

Superact can only provide funding to community organisations with a bank account, we do not accept applications from individuals or sole traders. So if you are a member of a faith group, community network or organisation, school, sports club, music group or any kind of community association you can apply to take on the role of a Community Event Organiser and organise your won Our Big Gig event for your community.

Currently funding is only available to community groups in England. Further news on funding for events in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is due in April 2014.

If you would like to take part in Our Big Gig and you don’t need funding to support your event, please do still register to be part of Our Big Gig and benefit from the nationwide publicity which will be taking place in the lead up to the 11th -13th July 2014. If you have an existing event planned already which you think would benefit from being part of the Our Big Gig weekend then please do get involved!

You still need to register so that we can make sure your event is open access and fits with the ethos and objectives of Our Big Gig in order to benefit from our branding. 

Who funds Our Big Gig?

The main funder for the event is the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The DCLG supports Our Big Gig as part of its Integration Strategy which aims to create conditions for a more cohesive society.