Things are moving forward with our community feature film musical!  The location for our community musical performance is High Town, Luton and the story is about a group of imaginary characters who live and work there.  

The aim of this project has been to draw people together to create a vibrant, dramatic musical performance which Luton can be proud of. We started out by advertising in all the local community venues in the area and also using social media to draw people into getting involved.   

We had a great response and lots of people came forward and auditioned.  We’ve been working since late January holding drama and music workshops once a week, to build up the story, get to know each other and sing songs together.  

We now have a strong and committed core team of actors and singers.  Our ‘ ehind the scenes’ volunteers have been fantastic too - supported by Superact - and are involved in a wide range of exciting creative ways from promoting and marketing the project, planning and developing and scoping, fundraising and reaching out into the community and helping to find new locations to film in.  We would like to continue to involve volunteers at all levels of production - both in front of and behind the camera.   

Performance coming up! 

We will be holding a workshop performance of 'Work in Progress' on Tuesday 28th April, at the Hat Factory in Luton.  The performance will start at 8 o clock.  

This will be performed by local actors and will showcase some of the songs and acting that we have been working on so far.  Everyone is invited! Entrance free.  

We are still looking for actors, singers and musicians to take part in the project and would love you to be involved if you live locally.  Contact [email protected]