Our Big Gig EXTRA is bringing the communities of London together through music, with a series of workshops from April 2015 onwards, leading to two free outdoor music festivals on Saturday 13th June in Walpole Park in Ealing and Saturday 11th July in Mile End Park in Tower Hamlets. These events will be a free, family-friendly one-day events showcasing local talent, offering music workshops and performances, with food and market stalls.

Outreach workshops

From April 2015, there will be a series of free drop-in music workshops in both Ealing and Tower Hamlets. The workshops in Ealing will be held at Acton Community Forum and will be open to all members of the public of any age or musical ability. Participants will be offered the opportunity to perform at the EXTRA music festival in Ealing in June. The workshops in Tower Hamlets will be for young people and will combine contemporary art forms with the cultural traditions of the local communities. There will be workshops in a range of urban music genres such as DJing, music programming, vocals, beatboxing, as well as a range of traditional and contemporary instruments. Participants will create their own musical piece to showcase at the EXTRA music festival in Tower Hamlets in July.

 About our Volunteer Training Scheme

The programme is being organised and delivered by a local team of trained events volunteers.

The volunteer team is supported and trained by staff from arts organisation Superact CIC. They have been trained in: event management, artistic programming, marketing, fundraising and volunteer management. Superact CIC have existing links with local community groups, workshop leaders, performers and arts organisations and volunteer management. Organised by the community, for the community, this programme of workshops and events will be led by our local team of trained events volunteers, as part of a national community music programme of Our Big Gig EXTRA activities throughout 2015. This programme offers a comprehensive training programme for local volunteers in events management, in order to create opportunities for bringing people together through music via workshops and community festivals. Superact build on existing cultural networks and partnerships within the borough, with the aim of uniting the diverse communities across the area, showcasing local talent and building skills.


If you would like to get involved as a volunteer, or perform or lead a workshop at the London events, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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