Our Big Gig EXTRA


Superact's Our Big Gig EXTRA programme will work to improve integration through community music in parts of Birmingham, Bradford, Ealing, Luton and Tower Hamlets.


By recruiting a number of Our Big Gig Ambassadors in each area Superact will create motivated teams equipped with the skills, knowledge and resources to develop and deliver an ongoing programme of self-sustained community music activity. This will bring diverse community groups together regularly to share and make music. 

Programme managers will have indpendence to programme events as they see fit. This could include the establishment of regular music making opportunities such as community samba, or it could be the programming of events inspired by the Our Big Gig summer festival where many acts perform.

Each area will be provided with a budget to support initial activity until the end of March 2015. 

A Superact project funded by Arts Council England and the Department for Communities and Local Government