International Education Projects

Superact have helped to facilitate and develop a number of projects centred on education and training. Our projects have helped train young musicians from France, Belgium and the UK to work in community settings (IC Music), contribute towards a international research project on lone parents (Strong Mothers) and record the experiences of older entrepreneurs in order to share the experiences with people looking to start their own business later in life (LET’S).


Introducing the magic of storytelling into adult learning, Sheherazade aims to introduce storytelling and the use of storytelling techniques as an educational strategy and a pedagogical tool in formal and non-formal adult learning. The project will develop adult learning pract…

IC Music

The main goal of IC Music (International Cooperation through Music) is to create a long lasting and sustainable cross-border relationship amongst recently signed musicians from England, Belgium and France.

The project is made up of nine partners across the three countr…

Strong Mothers

Strong Mothers is a Grundtvig partnership project under the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Superact is one of seven partners working on the initiative, the others being from Germany, Sweden, Spain, French Guyana and Scotland.

The project Strong Mothers aims to su…


Older entrepreneurs participating in the LET’s Project offer words of advice to those looking to start up a business

This two year project finished in 2011 and was funded by the EU’s Lifelong Learning Program.

The project’s aim was to produce short films …


The objective of this initiative was to train adult learners through the artistic experience and consider ways to add value to theatre-based training, a crucial tool in aiding self-development. Thanks to the theatre workshops organized by the project team, participants were fr…