Advances in technology and communication mean that there are no borders to creative production, there is only potential. Artistic collaborations can span countries, productions can be shared by international partners, and audiences can be engaged across the world.

This thinking is at the core of Future DiverCities, a four-year programme funded by Creative Europe. Ten European partners in Europe and Canada are working together in a creative network to encourage and support creativity, innovation, and art production within the cities and urban spaces of Europe and beyond.

Future DiverCities is a universal programme which looks at the ever-changing role of art and creative work in the urban context. It explores and demonstrates how artists and creatives can propose innovative ways to build and fashion our future cities and how this responds to the current thinking and needs around urban transformation.

For audiences, this means a chance to engage in a range of activities, including community labs, public workshops and creative artistic interventions, with local and international artists.

Future DiverCities News

handmade wellbeing this week at CHWconf Bristol

Home and Away: Superact in June

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Oh my, this week has been a busy one. The team has been spread across the UK and overseas for launches, conference and much more; storytelling, craft workshops, presentations are...

Superact in New Creative Spaces

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In our work for Creative Europe project, Future DiverCities, Superact has two new homes in Bristol and London. Harbour View in Bristol Previously in Hamilton House, the Superact Future DiverCities...

Future DiverCities: International Partnerships and City Lights

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By Eleanor Pender, UK Comms Future DiverCities I’m standing next to a City Lights Device, a lamp with a round head and a handle. It flashes red, then pauses. Then red,…

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