Superact in New Creative Spaces

In our work for Creative Europe project, Future DiverCities, Superact has two new homes in Bristol and London.

Harbour View in Bristol

Previously in Hamilton House, the Superact Future DiverCities team is now in Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio. Based in the Watershed in the Bristol Harbour, Pervasive Media Studio is a co-creative work space that hosts a community of over 100 artists, creative companies, technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technology. It is a collaboration between Watershed, University of Bristol and University of West of England. The Superact Future DiverCities team applied to work in the co-creative space in Feburary 2017 to bring the UK activity for Future DiverCities closer to Bristol artists.

Representing Superact as a Studio resident artist, Eleanor Pender is UK Comms Lead for FutureDiverCities. Commenting on working in the Pervasive Media Studio, Eleanor said, “There is so much potential for Future DiverCities in Bristol, and so much that Bristol artists can contribute to the Future DiverCities network. Working in Pervasive Media Studio is a fantastic place for this innovation project to engage with and explore these potential collaborations and what they might look like.

“Behind all of this is the Bristol Future DiverCities labs in autumn 2018 when we hope to be working with artists, creatives, makers, festivals and venues all across the city to create something long-lasting. Already after our first few weeks here, Pervasive Media Studio is the ideal place for Future DiverCities to work from and an excellent starting point to create our Bristol activity.”

Pervasive Media Studio. Photo by Paul Blakemore

Superact is the lead partner on Future DiverCities, a €2,000,000 Creative Europe funded project exploring the use of new media art and digital art to engage with the challenging urban spaces we live in, and to take this work and engagement to new disadvantaged audiences.

New Sights in London

Working on Future DiverCites in London, Superact is now based in urban innovation centre, Future Cities Catapult.

Submitting the application in April, Future DiverCities Project Lead Laetitia Manach commented, “It is brilliant progression for Future DiverCities to work from Future Cities Catapult, an innovative urban space where like-minded city making projects and creatives are based.

“Now in the second year of the project, Future DiverSocieties, we can use these amazing new office bases for Superact in Bristol and London, full of experts in city making, digital innovation and new media art. Working in these spaces  will benefit the work with our European partners and help develop our ideas, research and themes to create amazing innovative artists labs and activity in the UK and across Europe.”

The first year of Future DiverCities, exploring the idea of Future DiverCitizens ended in May 2o17. The second year, under the theme of Future DiverSocieties, explores the conditions of ‘societies’ in technologically developed contexts today at looking at how to create conditions of participation.

More Information

Find out more about Pervasive Media Studio here and Future Cities Catapult here. For more information on Future DiverCites, our project partners and activity so far, visit the Future DiverCites website.