Superact highlights best practice in alternative adult education

By May 3, 2016 Features No Comments

On the Move is a European partner project which searches out alternative opportunities in adult education outside the mainstream. The partners involved have researched across Europe to gather together over 90 examples of good practice in informal education and training aimed at a variety of sectors of the adult population.

The project has now selected 35 of the best practices and put them together in a handbook including descriptions, information, and contacts for each project. This handbook is currently being translated into the partner languages and will be printed in each country for distribution. Superact’s selected practices are:

From Ireland: Men’s Shed Association (skill sharing for older men)

RADE (Drug rehabilitation through drama and art)

Making Connections (provides a stepping stone back into education)

Health and Fitness Hike-Making Connections

From Malta: Inspire (Provides Independent living skills programmes for those with special needs)

From UK: Jack Drum (drama and media programme for adults with learning disabilities)

The partners have just completed short films about one of their practice examples and these will be subtitled in different languages and made available on the On the Move website. Some very lovely films have been made which give a good feeling for what any one programme of learning is like.

The intentions of On the Move are to give examples of successful programmes of learning so people can use the information to create their own models of alternative education. The handbook combined with the video presentations give a very good idea of how different models work.

Each partner will be running a dissemination event to launch the Handbook: Superact will hold theirs in the early summer and there will be a final project event in Calabria mid-June.

You can download the handbook here: On The Move Handbook