Springing in to Action with Exe-Arts

By February 28, 2017 Features No Comments
Community arts programme Exe-Arts is back with a vengeance, busily creating crafty experiences for people all over Exeter! We have started our next round of delivery for homeless groups with painting at temporary housing residence Morwenna Court, and music at St Petrock’s homeless centre.
Thought the turn out was small at Morwenna there was very positive work done with confidence improving markedly as the session progressed. Sabina Schmidt is the painter delivering these sessions using a variety of paints and tools, very free expression at the key of her delivery.
 Morwenna painting Feb 2017
 Storyteller and musician Iwan Kushka has restarted the music sessions at St. Petrock’s with a great turn out of 8 individuals and additional volunteer support. The session went really well so great hopes for continued participation there.
“It was a brilliant session with eight people, mostly new apart from one returning from our Autumn sessions. We sang a lot together, there were tears, laughter – it was a very full two hours…” 
We also held a fantastic first Family Saturday session for 2017! Many adults and children turned out to try their hand at some Felt art. Artist Holly Jarrett introduced us to this exciting new art form. We made small bags and wall art pieces with lots of bright colours. We can’t wait to have another go at our evening session on felting coming up soon.

Our first Thursday evening sessions start with the Painting Experience, working with different paper, paints, and implements, on 9th & 16th March at the Exeter Community Centre and the 14th & 21st at St. Sidwell’s Community Centre. Hope to see you there!