On the Move: final Partner Conference in Calabria

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Superact has been involved in the Erasmus+ project ‘On the Move’ for the last two years, partnering with 6 other organisations across Europe to identify best practice examples of adult learning opportunities outside the mainstream. Our Senior Project Manager, Patsy, recently travelled to Italy for the final meeting of the project:

I have just returned from Calabria where the final partnership meeting and conference for the On the Move project was held. As you would expect in Southern Italy, the weather was hot and dry, and the food lovely.

The host partner, Promedia, put together a very good final event held in the regional Parliament office for Calabria. There was a presentation of the project and a panel discussion amongst all partners about what they had gained from the experience.

Promedia had organised for 8 additional speakers who presented on a variety of related subjects such as:

“Life Long Learning as an expression and symptom of a new social reality.”

“The timing and pace of learning in the psychologically distressed.”

“The social worker’s role as an educator of proximity.”

“Outreach for psychological well-being.”

to name a few!

We then had our final partnership meeting the next day where principle discussions were around upcoming dissemination events in each country. I handed out the leaflet for ours to be held on July 1st in Exeter and described our approach. All were very pleased with the model.

We were then taken to a refugee centre in a mountain-top village. There are 58 such centres in villages in Calabria. The reasoning behind this is that a small community will be an easier place for refugees to meet people and integrate into the community. Also there is a mass exodus of Italian youth from these villages so welcoming new families to settle there will hopefully benefit the village as well. It was all very interesting and we ended the day with a feast prepared by the African refugees, accompanied by music and dancing!

Our ‘Others Ways to Learn Fest’ will be held in Exeter on 1 July, 10am-2pm. The event features presentations from On the Move, Learn Devon and the Aladdin project, along with other local agencies offering alternative ways for adults to learn. You can view the programme here: Ways to Learn Fest programme June 2016

To book go to www.superact.org.uk/events and for more information contact patsy@superact.org.uk

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