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Well I’m off to Glasgow tomorrow to the European Music Forum conference. Moss Velez, (our lead artist), and I will be doing a presentation on the IC Music project and talk a little bit about Superact and what we do. We will actually run a music workshop with the delegate group which is always fun. The IC Music project works with young bands from Belgium, France, and southern UK, giving them performance opportunities in each country and training from Superact in community music. Our next training session is in June.

We have had great success in a bid that Nick and I wrote. This is for the National Offender Manager Service through the European Social Investment Fund. We have received a grant to develop a Consortium to provide creative services to offenders & ex-offenders. What is exciting about this is that the money is for development time, not delivery. Uniquely, the creative process is at the centre of our service delivery plan. We have just had the start-up meeting so now have another project to get up and running!

Speaking of up and running, Rapport is now flowing along with everyone collecting information about NEETS and school leavers in their countries. We will all soon be making videos about adults who did and who didn’t drop out of school. The project is about developing tools to help young people stay in school or training. The main tool will be a series of videos from each country.

I am now gearing up for hosting the next Sheherazade meeting here in the UK. We will be holding it in Exeter over 2 days and will be taking the partners out for some good old English pub fare! All the partners are currently running pilots using story telling as a teaching tool to teach languages and cultural information to immigrants and refugees. Sheherazade will be producing a manual and a course for using story telling in Adult education. At our get together we will discuss the pilots and plan for including our findings in the manual.

Its all go here for me and everyone else at Superact. The only disappointing thing is that I didn’t secure funding to go the European Education Conference in Iceland. Always a fabulous event and this year in Iceland! Oh well, next time around.