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Second MediaLab Praxis Project Meeting

Superact have recently taken part in the second project meeting for MediaLab Praxis. This 2-year Erasmus+ project aims to promote the development, experimentation and implementation of innovative digital practice in youth-led community media. Six partners are using the established French MediaLab model to explore methods of working directly with young people, particularly new professionals and students. Economic markets are offering fewer opportunities for qualified young individuals, squandering potential from digital and creative fields. MediaLab presents a model with youth at its centre. It facilitates the creation of community-led media by providing tools resources and guidance, and channelling the creativity and enthusiasm of young people.

Injecting Digital & Media Practice

The meeting began with presentations from all the partners on their media work to date. It continued with extensive discussions around the criteria and values to be addressed in partners’ MediaLab pilots, to take place in their own countries. These pilots will inject digital and media practice in to the organisations’ activities with young people. Partners shared ideas and experiences, expanding their own horizons. Each discovered new methods in teaching, learning and using digital technologies.

What’s Next?

The meeting was a successful collaboration of minds and ideas. The new MediaLab UK team young person, Ffion Riordan-Jones, held her own and often contributed with great insights. Superact are now busy planning our Medialab pilot to take place in the next 6 months. We will be sharing information from this activity in a dissemination event for anyone interested in the use of new technologies in work with young people. We will also be hosting the next partnership meeting where we’ll hope to make more progress on our practical project activity. Watch this space for news and updates!
Onwards and upwards with creative digital innovation! For more information, contact