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By November 14, 2016 News No Comments

We delivered our 3rd session of music at St. Petrocks homeless centre in Exeter last Thursday. The flow of these sessions was interrupted by the dramatic fire event in Exeter but last week people returned again and we had a very lively session.

We are aiming to provide a time of calm where participants can focus on the positive and hopefully be energised and inspired. This seemed to be working at this session where participants commented on how good the session was and that it made them feel happy.

We have decided to continue these sessions now for a few weeks as they seem to be gathering momentum. We would like this to become a regular thing that participants can depend on for a weekly uplifting afternoon. Soon we will start running visual art sessions at Gabriel House as well.

We have also started our Willow Art Course, led by Victoria Westway, following a successful completion of our pottery course. Many people came along and we had a lovely evening learning to bend willow all about.

The plan for this course is to make something personal to take home but also to make a few larger sculptures to be put in the Exeter Community Centre garden. Thursday’s task was to make apples. People worked in teams of two and made it at least ½ way through the process. Next week they will build up the outer skin on the apple. At the moment we have quite a variety of shapes which look like squashes, tomatoes, & strawberries so perhaps we will end up with a bowl of fruit! Come along, two more sessions are running on the 17th & 24th November.

Also, remember our  two session Fabric Art course runs at St. Sidwell’s Community Centre, on Tuesdays November 22nd & 29th.

You can book at or at Or just turn up! Contact Patsy Lang on for more information.