Superact championed by Department for International Trade

Superact an industry leader for Creative Europe project Future DiverCities

The Department for International Trade Annual Report for 2016-17 was recently released, featuring non-profit Superact as ‘an industry leader’.

Industry Leader

Since June 2016, Superact has been Lead Partner on Creative Europe funded programme Future DiverCities. The feature states that Superact ‘has tapped into its eleven-year international expertise to secure a deal to lead Future DiverCities’.

Superact CEO, Ali Smith commented, “Superact is very proud to lead this Creative Europe project. We would like to thank the Department of International Trade and their staff for their help  over the years. It has been invaluable to Superact right from the start.

“Thank you also to our Future DiverCities project partners for their hard work and commitment so far. This is such an exciting time for Future DiverCities, into year two of this four-year journey. There is so much still to discover!”

Superact an industry leader says Department of International Trade

Future DiverCities

Future DiverCities is a creative network of 10 partners across two continents working with artistic communities and citizens in 10 cities across Europe and Canada.

The Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade (DIT) works to secure UK and global prosperity through free trade, greater investment and increased exports. The DIT is responsible both for promoting and financing UK trade and investment; developing and negotiating the international trade rules within which British businesses will operate once the UK leaves the EU.

DIT staff across the UK and overseas help UK businesses such as Superact to reach their full potential by maximising the benefits that flow from trade and investment opportunities. There is a broad range of support for potential exporters in the UK, as well as building the global appetite for British goods and services. The DIT champion the UK abroad to potential investors, and work closely with Whitehall partners to promote development through investment in emerging economies.

You can read the full report online here.