Future DiverCities: connecting with Creative Europe

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Future DiverCities: Artistic connection builds a creative union

 As lead partner of the international collaboration between 9 cultural organisations, Superact C.I.C. is proud to announce that “Future DiverCities” has received the official support of the European Commission as part of the Creative Europe Program. The partnership, formed of organisations spread across 8 European countries, will spend the next four years exploring new models of artistic creation and distribution that promote cultural diversity.

What shall we do with the explosion of creativity enabled by the new digital era? It has provided tools for interaction and collaboration, whilst global corporations have simultaneously imposed their own rules and economy on the creative industries and public. The consequences? Vital elements of the cultural industry, such as diversity of artworks, fair remuneration for creators and visibility of independent or emerging artists, have suffered.

Future DiverCities will focus on these issues, working to build and develop new ways of thinking and experiencing culture as an alternative to mainstream, globalised attitudes.

We will achieve this through –

  • Values: establishing a fair wage for creators
  • Methodology: making use of design thinking
  • People: smart curation involving European citizens and the development of smart co-creations and partnerships
  • Technology: a new streaming platform and mobile applications that support independent artists

The project will centre around the artistic domains of music, digital art and street art.

Future DiverCities deeply believes in and aims to reinforce social bonds through the arts. We want to enable culture to reside in our pockets, on our screens, in our hearts, in front of our eyes and through our fingertips because culture is the most real and tangible part of Europe that connects and binds us.

Led by the UK not-for-profit organisation Superact, the nine partners have been working for years to bring this project to fruition. The organisations that will be sharing their collective experience and complementary skills comprise:

The project will involve 23 local laboratories, artist residencies, public performances, creativity and participatory events in each of the partner countries… and a lot more to come.

Future DiverCities is proud to have been selected from 127 projects and see this as a major acknowledgement of the value of the partners’ collective work to date. The partnership will do its best to push it to the next level until 2020.

Twitter: @FutureDCities