Future DiverCities: International Partnerships and City Lights

Since June 2016, Superact has been Lead Partner on Creative Europe funded programme, Future DiverCities. Earlier in the year, project partner Seconde Nature hosted the European launch in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. Future DiverCities UK Comms Lead, Eleanor takes us back to Aix and talks new lights, projects and partnerships.

I’m standing next to a City Lights Device, a lamp with a round head and a handle. It flashes red, then pauses. Then red, then blue, quickly moving through a pattern of colours and tempos. At the end of the table, another lamp flashes red, pauses. Then red, then blue, echoing the sequence only seconds after from a few metres away. I watch the two lamps chat to each other. I’m in a room surrounded by the partners for Future DiverCities. A four-year Creative Europe project with ten partners across Europe and Canada, all come together for the European project launch.

Cross-Country Collaboration

Working on Future DiverCities with ten partners, it is clear that each partner offers something unique to the project.

1D Lab (Saint-Etienne, France) is a tech start-up, pushing boundaries in digital innovation while exploring new economic models. CitiLab (Barcelona, Spain) is a city making agency, exploring cultural application of technology. BEK (Bergen, Norway) Kontejner (Zagreb, Croatia) La Chambre Blanche (Quebec, Canada) Seconde Nature (Aix en Provence, France) and ANTI Festival (Kuopio, Finland) are leaders in their fields as festivals and art centres at the centre of artistic interpretation and experimentation in new technologies.

Public Art Lab (Berlin, Germany) is an urban planning agency and experts in new media art and IT in urban spaces, Liepaja City Council (Liepaja, Latvia) with an innovative ‘creative economy’, establishing a virtual creative industry cooperation platform, and Superact, a social innovation company specialising in engaging with disadvantaged and disengaged communities to affect positive social change in health and wellbeing, skill development and community development.

Future DiverCities is a wonderfully creative project. Partners work together in a creative network to encourage and support creativity, innovation, and art production within cities and urban spaces of Europe and beyond. Seeing work created in Marseille first-hand, with hosts Seconde Nature and ZINC, it was wonderful to see so much creativity on the streets and in the urban spaces.

Lights, Projects and Partnerships

As the City Lights chat away, working with each other, the Future DiverCities creative network comes to mind. We have seen Digital Calligraffiti appear on screens in real-time in Berlin and Marseille. The City Lights Orchestra filled a public space, bringing the local community and more out to celebrate.  The first year, Future DiverCitizens, is not yet over with another exciting lab to come from BEK in Bergen.

With three more years and so much creativity and enthusiasm, Future DiverCities will be a wonderful journey full of collaboration, co-creation and, at the centre, partnerships.

Future DiverCities

For more information on Future DiverCities, visit the dedicated Superact Future DiverCities page or the programme website, futuredivercities.eu. You can read more about the Marseille lab work and the European Future DiverCities launch on the Future DiverCities website here.

Written by

Eleanor Pender, UK Comms Future DiverCities