New Roads to Digital MediaLab Learning

By April 11, 2017 News No Comments

Superact’s Patsy recently travelled to Marseille for the start-up meeting of the new European MediaLab Praxis project hosted by Urban Prod, the lead partner, local French organisation and pioneer of the MediaLab model. Patsy was accompanied by Vjeran Mjenovic, a website designer who has delivered Exe-Arts animation workshops, and Laurence Bater, a volunteer with special interests in sports and education.

Project Aim

The aim of the Erasmus+ European MediaLab Praxis project is to promote experimentation, development and implementation of new models of community media learning for young people, based on the innovative medialab model in France. Partners send a team of three people to each meeting, comprising of a Project Manager, a Media Professional, and a young person under 25 with an interest in media.

MediaLab Model

The central starting point for discussions is the medialab model. MediaLab presents a model with young people at the centre,  providing the tools, offering guidance and channeling creativity and enthusiasm to create community-led media. MediaLab makes digital tools and delivery more accessible, places younger creators in the driving seat creating online media and news, and pulling them into the creative centre. New to this form of digital working, Superact will explore the medialab model, undertaking research to see how to incorporate media learning into the type of work that Superact does each day.

What’s Next

The next project meeting takes place in Innsbruck, Austria. Each partner will then research media learning in their respective regions and run a series of experimental, pilot delivery sessions in line with their own arts delivery practices. The third meeting will be in Finland in January 2018, and the final conference will be hosted by Superact in the UK in June 2018.

Check back for updates on innovative learning and progress throughout the project on our Project pages.