Digital Calligraffiti to launch Goethe Institute Beirut in style

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Digital Calligraffiti launched at College Hungarium Berlin as part of Retune Festival and now sets sail for Beirut

Digital Calligraffiti set to host a second live Networked Scenario between Beirut and Berlin.

Creative Europe project Future DiverCities goes from strength to strength as Superact, together with Future DiverCities partner Public Art Lab, continue their work with From Here To Fame Publishing on Digital Calligraffiti.

The second Future DiverCities project Networked Scenario will transform the built-in screen of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin into a digital canvas next week. The outdoor screen will be connected with a projection wall in Beirut Goethe Institute to host an exchange of calligraffiti messages.

Paint styles are project from table to screen by Michael Ang, all set for Goethe Institute Beirut

Artists will be in both cities ready to send calligraffiti messages back and forth between Berlin and Beirut as part of a networked live performance to celebrate the opening of the new Goethe Institute of Beirut.  The artists in Beirut will include Schriftzug, Hayat Chabban and Niels Shoe Meulman. MOE calligraffiti will also attend with Hamza Abu Ayyash and Michael Ang on the Infl3ctor.  Kadir Amigo Memis will be in Berlin, facilitated by the interactive light table Infl3ctor developed by media artists Michael Ang aka and Hamza Abu Ayyash, with @VJ Zoey Vero.

In Beirut, Digital Calligraffiti is part of the White Wall 2017 Festival curated by Don Karl (From Here To Fame Publishing house) and Goethe Institute Beirut. Famous artists eL Seed and Case are also invited to paint large-scale calligraffiti on certain buildings as street art for the event.

Superact CEO, Ali Smith will be in Beirut for the Future DiverCities event, “This Digital Calligraffiti event from Public Art Lab emphasises the need to exchange dialogue, arts, enthusiasms and develop relations and partnerships around the world, through urban engagement with art and creativity.

“Superact is very proud to lead this wonderfully creative project. The fact that our work has travelled as far as Lebanon is a real testament to its quality. Future DiverCities is only in its second year.  All the work – the project activities, labs, artistic engagement – is becoming so creative and inspiring.”

Collegium to Institute

The Digital Calligraffiti event will take place on 28th September 2017, 20:00 – 22:00.

The Berlin venue is Balassi Institut – Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, at Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin. The Beirut venue is Goethe Institute – Beirut on Nahr Ibrahim Street (facing Sacré-Coeur School back entrance) Gemmayzeh, Beirut, Lebanon.

Susa Pop (Public Art Lab) initiated Digital Calligraffiti. Don Stone (From Here to Fame Publishing House) curated the project with contributions by Hamza Abu Ayyash.
Calligraffiti practice before the big event

What is Digital Calligraffiti?

A Public Art Lab initiated project, Digital Calligraffiti was developed together with Canadian artist Michael Ang and Palestinian Calligraffiti artist, Hamza Abu Ayyash. Using interactive projection table Infl3tor, the device projects writing onto any screen and allows participants to produce a live-performance.

Read more about the project on the Public Art Lab website.