A ‘felting’ great success!

Our Felt Art programme has now finished at both St. Sidwell’s and the Exeter Community Centre. People participating have loved doing this craft, with some positive feedback throughout and some absolutely lovely results. Pictures, bowls, bags & flowers, and it’s very colourful! Next we’re at St. Sidwells’s with Willow Art on the 18th & 25th April, after Easter.

Digital Art up next
There’s a change of pace next with our Digital Art workshop on April 20th, Exeter Community Centre. You will see how you can make artwork, such as Van Gogh’s sunflowers or a Jackson Pollock painting, on your phone or tablet using a free computer programme. Vjeran Miljenovic has a Masters in this artform and is very excited about passing on the ticks of the trade. Spaces still available.

Popular Raku 
Our Raku pottery classes are now completely booked up but if you’re interested, do drop by to watch the firing on the 22nd April between 12 & 3pm.

For all our Exe-Arts PLUS courses, you can find information on our Events page or email Patsy.