Superact is a not-for-profit arts organisation using the arts to work in the UK and internationally, to help improve the health and well-being of communities

Superact exists to help people gain access to arts based projects and initiatives that deliver awareness, principally within the healthcare, education and criminal justice systems. It might be helping a person with dementia maintain stronger links with a fading past, helping a young offender discover a sense of self-worth and self-expression that might prevent re-offending, or giving children the chance to experience the creativity of other cultures.

What we do

Services we offer

Based in the UK but with an international reach, Superact develops and delivers innovative projects to meet a range of needs from improving English language skills through the medium of storytelling, to improving the health and well-being of patients in hospitals and care homes through regular, participatory music performances.

We can programme one-off events, longer-term projects, public participation programmes or employability skills training.

Check out our project page for previous examples of our work or contact members of the team for more information.

Our approach

Superact uses participatory arts based projects to improve lives by empowering individuals and strengthening communities.

We offer a range of art forms including music, storytelling, graffiti, visual arts, drama or spoken word to deliver one off events and longer projects where the outcomes are largely around improving self esteem or tackling social challenges as well as creating great art.

All of our projects are delivered in partnership with a range or organisations across the UK & internationally, ensuring widespread impact across all of our delivery.

Artists we work with

Superact employs professional freelance artists for the delivery of our projects. All of our artists are trained and mentored by Superact to work in different settings, and all have DBS police checks.

We have trained artists to who can work in secure prisons, hospitals, residential homes. schools, community centres and special educational need centres.

Artists working with us cover a wide range of art forms including music (all genres), graffiti, storytelling, visual arts, drama, spoken word, natural crafts and much more.

If you are interested in becoming a Superact artist please contact Ursula Billington for news on upcoming training opportunities.

People & communities we support

Superact has extensive experience of working with:

  • Youth & adult offenders
  • Young people & adults on probation
  • Adults with dementia living in the community & in residential care home settings
  • Older people in residential settings
  • Adults & young people with special educational needs
  • Teenage parents
  • Young people at risk of offending
  • Marginalised women
  • Adults with English as a foreign language
  • Communities facing cohesion & integration challenges

We offer a number of local as well as UK wide initiatives which take place throughout the year. Check out our project page for more information on projects you can get involved in or would like to see happening in your area.